Whitwell Cemetery

The joint cemetery committee formed by Whitwell Parish Council with Hodthorpe & Belph Parish Council is responsible for Whitwell Cemetery, which is located on High Street next to the closed churchyard of St Lawrence Church. It has been designated as a Lawn Cemetery, which means that no plants, bushes, trees, urns or any other form of memorial are permitted to be placed on the surface of the grave. Memorial headstones are permitted but only if placed at the head of the grave.

The cemetery has different sections for the burial of coffins and ashes and it also has a dedicated section for children.

The Council’s contractor, Turner & Wilson (Whitwell) Ltd, are responsible for all grave digging and associated works and are also responsible for collecting all fees and charges. The burial fee will be charged and retained by the contractor. The Council administration fee and memorial fee will be collected by the contractor and paid over to the Council.

All applications for burials and memorials, including the full fees, must be made direct to the Contractor and not to the Council.

Cemetery Policy
Memorial Bench Application Form