Budget & Finances

How the budget is set

Every year at the end of January or the start of February the council sets it’s annual budget for the coming financial year which starts the following April.  The council considers what services it currently provides, any new services it wishes to provide and any upcoming projects – such as new recreation facilities.  We also consider the current financial climate and if it is appropriate to raise the amount of money we ask for in relation to the services we aim to provide.

More detail

Payroll includes the costs of employing our staff:

  • Clerk to the council
  • Responsible financial officer (RFO)
  • Council administration assistant
  • Parish handymen
  • Community centre manager
  • Community centre office and bar staff
  • Cleaners
  • Playscheme staff

As well as wages it covers other employment costs such as national insurance and pension contributions.

This covers day to day running costs of the council such as insurance, telephone and broadband, banking fees, stationary & postage, website costs, the parish van etc.
Parks & Open Spaces
As the name suggests this covers maintaining our open spaces and recreation grounds from general ground maintenance to repairs and replacement of play equipment that is damaged or stolen. It also covers some wayside seats that the council is responsible for as well as the floral displays.
This covers grants that the council make to various groups such as the Church, Brass Band etc. it also covers the Christmas lights and the annual Gala and firework displays organised by the community centre.
Costs here are our contingency, payments to the Community Action Network (CAN) Rangers any loan repayments and money set aside for new projects which of recent years has been for the redevelopment of our recreation grounds.

Previous budgets

Previous council budgets can be found in the budget section of our document library.