Whitwell Cemetery Car Park


Whitwell Parish Council entered into a 99 year lease with a local farmer in 2007 to use a piece of land on High Street Whitwell, across from Whitwell cemetery, as a car park for the use of cemetery visitors. Planning permission was granted and the project was started within the 3 year planning period with some site clearance, work on diverting the path and a height restriction barrier has also been installed.

The parish council has since precept a sum of money each year towards the cost of the required works to surface the car park and to create a verge crossing across the road near the memorial bench.  This year the council budgeted for the remainder of the money required in order to complete the works, which went out to tender and a contractor was appointed through this process.


The project commenced this week, Monday 8 October, and will take approximately two weeks to completion, when the car park, which will have 14 parking bays marked-out, will be open and visitors to the cemetery should make use of this new facility.