Council Documents and Policies

AGENDA - Annual Parish Mtg 201630.5 KiB47
AGENDA - Annual Parish Mtg 201776.7 KiB20
AGENDA 08-1541.0 KiB3
Agenda 2014-1189.7 KiB43
Agenda 2015-01109.1 KiB34
AGENDA Annual Mtg 05-17 - Public115.1 KiB26
Agenda BUDGET Mtg 1 Feb 17 Public101.8 KiB18
Agenda BUDGET Mtg 3 Feb 16 - Public25.0 KiB6
AGENDA Ex-ord Mtg 17.7.15Public36.5 KiB79
AGENDA Extraordinary Mtg 30-01-17 Public101.0 KiB52
AGENDA01-15Public109.1 KiB16
AGENDA01-16 - Public41.0 KiB36
AGENDA01-17 - Public110.4 KiB35
AGENDA02-15Public111.0 KiB12
AGENDA02-15Public110.3 KiB13
AGENDA02-16 Public41.5 KiB7
AGENDA02-17 - Public111.9 KiB38
AGENDA03-15 Public43.5 KiB33
AGENDA04-15 Public44.5 KiB19
AGENDA04-17 - Public113.3 KiB23
AGENDA05-15 Annual Mtg Public42.0 KiB12
AGENDA06-16 Public115.6 KiB27
AGENDA06-17 - Public113.2 KiB24
AGENDA07-15 Public110.2 KiB30
AGENDA07-15 Public40.5 KiB2
AGENDA07-16 Public109.6 KiB20
AGENDA07-17 - Public110.5 KiB21
AGENDA08-15 - Public41.0 KiB24
AGENDA08-15 - Public41.0 KiB40
AGENDA08-15 - Public41.0 KiB24
AGENDA08-16 Public110.2 KiB28
AGENDA08-17 - Public107.1 KiB10
AGENDA09-14 - Public Notice111.4 KiB197
AGENDA09-16 Public111.9 KiB23
AGENDA10-14 - Public Notice113.7 KiB538
AGENDA10-15 Public42.5 KiB50
AGENDA10-16 Public111.3 KiB19
AGENDA11-15 Public41.0 KiB47
AGENDA11-16 Public114.7 KiB27
AGENDA12-15 Public41.5 KiB29
AGENDA12-15 Public41.5 KiB5
AGENDA12-16 Public112.0 KiB18
AnnualParishMtg Apr1550.0 KiB22
DPI Cllr D Ellis2.4 MiB10
Electors Rights Notice Ye 31.3.16 (2)2.6 MiB5
Inaugural Meeting Notes 08061513.5 KiB13
Inaugural Meeting Notes 08061513.5 KiB19
MIN Cem Cttee Nov1196.6 KiB220
MIN Cem Cttee Oct1168.5 KiB185
MIN Cem Cttee Sep1169.3 KiB256
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 1156.0 KiB9
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 1656.0 KiB11
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 16May1248.5 KiB7
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 18 Apr 1355.5 KiB9
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 18 July1254.0 KiB8
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 254.5 KiB6
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 20 Jun 1356.5 KiB8
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 2354.0 KiB8
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 2753.5 KiB7
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 455.0 KiB7
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 557.0 KiB9
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 556.0 KiB7
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 5 Sep 1356.0 KiB8
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 6 Dec 1254.0 KiB9
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 755.0 KiB7
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 7 Feb 1354.0 KiB9
MIN Jt Cem Cttee 7 Nov 1355.5 KiB9
MIN Jt Cem Cttee Feb1271.4 KiB519
MIN Jt Cem Cttee Spec Mtg 1550.5 KiB9
MIN Jt Cem Cttee Spec Mtg 2049.5 KiB7
MIN Jt Cem Cttee Spec Mtg 2550.0 KiB10
MIN Spec Jt Cem Cttee 22 Jul 1352.5 KiB7
MINAnnualMtg9169.6 KiB213
PC Annual Mtg 20.5.15107.5 KiB16
PC Mins 10.4.13162.3 KiB309
PC Mins 10.6.1596.5 KiB3
PC Mins 10.6.1596.5 KiB12
PC Mins 10.7.13144.4 KiB280
PC Mins 11.11.15105.0 KiB8
PC Mins 11.12.13135.5 KiB260
PC MINS 11.2.1594.5 KiB11
PC MINS 11.6.14172.0 KiB312
PC Mins 11.9.13167.3 KiB236
PC Mins 12.2.14162.1 KiB317
PC Mins 12.3.14158.1 KiB512
PC Mins 12.4.17178.7 KiB5
PC Mins 12.6.13170.7 KiB301
PC Mins 13.1.16106.0 KiB12
PC Mins 13.11.13130.5 KiB426
PC Mins 13.2.13132.3 KiB309
PC Mins 13.3.13154.7 KiB309
PC MINS 14.1.15166.8 KiB11
PC Mins 14.10.15105.5 KiB9
PC Mins 14.5.14173.5 KiB442
PC Mins 5.8.15109.5 KiB10
PC Mins 8.1.14127.6 KiB253
PC Mins 8.6.16187.5 KiB12
PC Mins 8.7.1595.0 KiB2
PC Mins 8.7.1595.0 KiB10
PC Mins 9.1.1334.2 KiB362
PC Mins 9.10.13132.8 KiB220
PC Mins 9.11.16158.0 KiB7
PC Mins 9.12.15110.5 KiB9
PC Mins 9.4.14168.4 KiB407
PC Mins 9.7.14144.4 KiB378
PC Mins 9.9.15 97.5 KiB16
PC MINS Annual Mtg 8.5.13181.6 KiB261
PC MINS Apr 11134.6 KiB574
PC MINS Apr 12126.5 KiB401
PC MINS Aug 11150.8 KiB206
PC MINS Aug 12160.7 KiB326
PC MINS Dec 11153.8 KiB351
PC MINS Dec 12132.0 KiB334
PC MINS Feb 1161.0 KiB297
PC MINS Feb11 Special Budget163.0 KiB191
PC MINS Feb12154.4 KiB292
PC MINS Jan 12126.2 KiB320
PC MINS Janbud11 - Public176.0 KiB177
PC MINS Janbud12150.6 KiB174
PC MINS Jly 12133.9 KiB237
PC MINS Jul 11133.3 KiB228
PC MINS Jun 11116.3 KiB377
PC MINS Jun 12171.9 KiB209
PC MINS Mar 12136.2 KiB392
PC MINS Mar11130.6 KiB215
PC MINS May 11120.7 KiB294
PC MINS Nov 11149.3 KiB421
PC MINS Nov 12129.8 KiB269
PC MINS Oct 11124.7 KiB245
PC MINS Oct 12133.2 KiB279
PC MINS Sep 11153.2 KiB281
PC MINS Sep 12135.7 KiB209
PC Mins14.8.13169.6 KiB258
PCMins 10.2.16154.8 KiB6
PCMins 10.8.16170.4 KiB13
PCMins 11.1.17159.3 KiB9
PCMins 13.1.16162.3 KiB7
PCMins 13.4.16164.9 KiB5
PCMins 13.7.16169.5 KiB9
PCMins 14169.7 KiB0
PCMins 14.12.16175.2 KiB9
PCMins 8.2.17163.6 KiB12
PCMins 9.3.16177.1 KiB8
PCMins Annual Mtg 10175.7 KiB0
PCMins Annual Mtg11183.3 KiB4
PCMins11 02 1594.5 KiB13
PCMins13 8 14160.9 KiB284
PCMinsMar15109.5 KiB18
Accounting Statement 2016-17752.4 KiB8
Accounts 11-12107.2 KiB14
Accounts 12-13108.7 KiB19
Annual Governance Statement 2016-17814.5 KiB5
Budget 14-1598.1 KiB30
Budget2013-1492.3 KiB16
Declaration Of Status Of Pubished Accounts 2016-17344.2 KiB6
Exercise Of Public Rights 2016-17711.6 KiB12
Notice Of Conclusion Of Audit 201260.3 KiB13
Notice Of Conclusion Of Audit 2016679.7 KiB17
Report - Expenditure Over £50041.0 KiB23
WPC Accounts 2010-2011110.0 KiB9
BDC Code Of Conduct BDC Revised90.4 KiB23
Cemetery - Application for a memorial bench124.9 KiB40
Cemetery Charges 2016-17 - APPEN B37.5 KiB5
Cemetery Charges 2016-17 - APPEN B71.0 KiB31
Cemetery Permit - APPENDIX A 2016-1717.9 KiB7
Cemetery Policy - 2012-12109.5 KiB71
Financial Regulations 2014241.0 KiB18
Permit - APPENDIX A 2016-1742.9 KiB16
Standing Orders512.5 KiB27
Training Statement Of Intent75.1 KiB15
WPC Organisational Chart34.9 KiB16
10steps To Wellbeing572.4 KiB12
Adoption Of B,D,R Joint Waste Plan657.6 KiB12
Ai-prevention-zone-161206156.5 KiB8
Chairman's Report 2015 Word493.8 KiB14
Chairmans Report Annual Parish Meeting April 201243.8 KiB13
DCC Whitwell HGV Report387.6 KiB15
Election - Declaration Of Results - Whitwell Parish18.7 KiB10
Morrisons Announced155.1 KiB23
New Compressed (zipped) Folder50.1 KiB4
NewsletterDec15611.0 KiB7
NewsletterFeb15303.4 KiB9
NewsletterJly15441.8 KiB47
NewsletterMar15316.0 KiB8
NewsletterMar16773.2 KiB4
NewsletterMar16773.2 KiB5
NewsletterMar16773.2 KiB6
Notice Of Election Whitwell Parish12.5 KiB8
Notice Of Election Whitwell Parish12.5 KiB30
Notice Of Poll Whitwell20.3 KiB25
Raising Aspirations - Young People73.2 KiB10
Snow Warden Scheme 2016-171.8 MiB10
Sportivate130.5 KiB9
Statement To Residents13.0 KiB86
Whitwell Parish Map - BDC3.9 MiB13
Worksop Cinema279.9 KiB8
8498 Extreme Wheels A5 Flyer - Skate Park JAM Whitwell2.8 MiB19
Handyperson Application Pack414.1 KiB28